Rallye Thumb Switch

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Replacement thumb switch for all ICO Racing™ rally computers: RallyeMAX™, Rallye MAX-G™, Rallye VRL™, Dual Sport VRL™, and Rallye 2000™.

Black thumb switches have improved ergonomics, relocated buttons, and a lower profile. They also have longer 38" leads for fitting on nav towers. Included with the new Rallye MAX™ and Rallye MAX-G™ computers.

Silver thumb switches have longer 38" leads and match the Rallye VRL™ and Rallye CAP™ computers. The old style silver switches clearance priced.

Dual Sport VRL™ customers who prefer the short lead can use the red CheckMate™ thumb switch, or any Rallye thumb switch they prefer.

Red switches are only available with shorter leads. See the CheckMate™ thumb switch.